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next125 – NX502系列

next125 – NX502系列

  • 類    型:廚衛
  • 品    牌:next125
  • 產品詳情:面板顏色:灰色,天然橡木紋 面板類型:啞光烤漆面板、實木面板 百葉式鋁合金踢腳板:設計簡約,至臻品質 側移門式掛柜:側推式開門,現代簡約設計,較小的空間里也能方便存取各類物品 側移門式地柜:側推式開門,現代簡約設計,較小的空間里也能方便存取各類物品

next125Design in harmony with nature and price – next125. This is our philosophy. This is our claim. To create international design – moving and fascinating. Spacious and well thought out in detail. Awarded and sustainably produced – at a surprisingly reasonable price.查看更多 >>

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